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True to the motto “Experience gives shining outcome”. We aim to bring mindfulness, spirituality and individuality to our corporate events. We want to give your company a truly unforgettable experience which you will cherish for many years to come.

Very interesting for executive staff is the study of our donkey herd. Observe their behavior and team spirit and willingness to co-operate together. Follow the tricks from the strong and faithful lead donkey, Pedro, and how he guides his companions with natural authority, calmness and respect.

In many way we can learn from their relationship with others and present us with a mirror.

Firmenausfluege 01
Firmenausfluege 02
Firmenausfluege 03
Firmenausfluege 04


According to your wishes and ideas you will receive a detailed offer


Almost everything is possible


4 – 16 Persons


Approx. 5 hours up to a full day, throughout the year

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The consultation and demand for an individual offer is always free of charge and non-binding. If you are interested in our donkey farm “Burro de Paderne” services, go ahead and order a non-binding proposal or just give us a call.


The advantages of the team experience are obvious. Your employees get to know each other better and appreciating the value of individual differences. The trust and the confidence in the team is strengthened. This results in a greater sense of identification with your company. Your employees return back to work with positive team experience and motivation.
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